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Zachariah Matysek


Zachariah Matysek


Zachariah Matysek is proud Meriam man from the Meuram and Erub Samsep tribes in Zenadth Kes (the Torres Strait).

Zachariah has over 10 years of senior leadership experience across government and non-profit sectors, and a proven track record of delivering successful and culturally appropriate policies and services for First Nations Australians in various domains, such as health, homelessness, education, culture, and community safety.

Zachariah is a passionate advocate for the rights and interests of First Nations peoples and actively participates in national and regional initiatives to advance the social, economic, and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Zachariah’s mission is to drive transformational change and empower First Nations Australians to achieve self-determination and sustainable development in housing and beyond.