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Jenna Nadiotis

Hume Community Housing

Jenna Nadiotis

Manager, Hume Community Housing

Jenna is a Manager at Hume Community Housing, holding leadership positions in the housing access team (homelessness response) and tenancy management team. She has also lead a homelessness and domestic violence community service. Jenna has a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminal Justice), studied Economics of Social Issues at the Tasmanian University and has 17 years experience working in the fields of homelessness, community housing, domestic violence and criminal justice. 9 of these years have been in strategic and operational leadership roles. Jenna is passionate about leveraging and linking local resources to address systemic challenges in the housing and community services sector. She has been involved in collaborative local outcome initiatives including: the Port Stephen’s Council Homelessness Advisory Group; a Maitland coalition which initiated and ran the Maitland Homelessness Summit; created and implemented a Supported Temporary Accommodation model. 

Jenna believes that no matter how many resources the sector has, if it’s not coordinated, strategic and optimising its local resources, we are not optimising outcomes for people.