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Dr Anne Jenkins PSM

ACT Government

Dr Anne Jenkins PSM

Senior Director, Data Analytics Branch, Policy, Partnerships and Programs, ACT Health Directorate, ACT Government

Dr Anne Jenkins PSM is a distinguished public servant with over 30 years of service delivering analytical insights for health and community service portfolios. Holding a PhD in human behaviour, Dr Jenkins has demonstrated the value of community sourced insights for numerous initiatives and policies aimed at improving community well-being and equity. 

Recognised for her exemplary contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr Jenkins was awarded the Public Service Medal for her statistical work which played a critical role in shaping the ACT’s response to the crisis. By bringing together administrative data and community insights she was able to guide program delivery. Her government and non-government collaboration produced the most powerful results where quantitative and qualitative insights played a critical role in ensuring equitable access to vaccinations – reaching those who were more likely to face barriers to accessing health care and least likely to engage with mainstream services.