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Carmel Haugh

Micah Projects

Carmel Haugh

Brisbane Zero Community and Systems Lead, Micah Projects

Carmel Haugh, MBA, is an accomplished strategic planner and urbanist with a special interest in collaboration for systems change. As the Systems and Community Lead for the Brisbane Zero collaboration since 2021, Carmel has worked with a multi-disciplinary team to combat homelessness using dynamic population data, integrated services coordination, and other place-based methods contributing to structural and systemic changes.

Carmel facilitates data story telling with the collaboration that ensures humans are at the centre of data, advocacy, and change work. By partnering with Logan Zero and linking up with Gold Coast Zero, their shared learnings drive place-based strategies to prevent, reduce, and end homelessness in South East Queensland. Their improved data collection and information sharing has grown trust, shaped better outcomes, and provided evidence to broker much needed resources during the enduring housing crisis.

Since 2020, Brisbane Zero has coordinated housing and supports for over 2,500 households on the “Known By Name List”, from a total of 7957 presenting as homeless. This number does not include the 1658 children accompanying the 922 families who were housed.